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TechLOUNGE: Monitoring and Retention for the Lending IndustryOverview of Smarsh technology and how it can be applied to challenges in the lending space.

TechLOUNGE: Policy Best Practices: Business & Personal Social MediaThis TechLOUNGE session covers some of the best practices when it comes to business and personal social media

TechLOUNGE: SmarshCONNECT Cybersecurity sessionMike Pagani & Dan Fox discuss the Smarsh Cybersecurity workshop at SmarshCONNECT 2016

TechLOUNGE: Smarsh Approach to ServicesMike Pagani & Allen Gurney walk through our exciting professional services

TechLOUNGE: Smarsh Assisted ReviewMike Pagani & Allen Gurney walk through Assisted Review, a new offering from Smarsh.