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Organisations in regulated industries are facing bigger challenges than ever before when it comes to efficiently and effectively retaining and ensuring proper oversight of electronic communications. Proactively archiving your data in a search-ready state for discovery events, recordkeeping initiatives, and to meet supervision requirements is essential to shielding your business from costly potential risks. With its comprehensive suite of specialised workflows and support for an ever-growing array of content types, Smarsh helps organisations in a variety of regulated industries confidently and holistically meet their compliance, legal and recordkeeping mandates.




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“We selected Smarsh for the functionality provided, ease of use and commitment to support.”

Securities America Enlists Smarsh to Make Social Media, Email Compliance More Efficient: Securities America needed to incorporate social media into marketing and customer relationships, meet compliance regulations set by FINRA and enable rapid response to data production requests.

- Doreen Griffith Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Securities America

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The Archiving Platform

Join the many thousands of Smarsh customers in regulated industries enjoying the benefits of a unified, search-ready repository and interface for lightning-fast, powerful e-discovery and automated, policy-based compliance supervision for all of their email, instant messaging, text, web, video and social media communications.

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Web Archiving

Maintain a comprehensive history of your website’s evolution. Web archiving instantly captures revisions, documents, links to third-party content, and interactive features—without losing their context or functionality. Website content is reliably retained in its original form and it can be easily accessed and produced.

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Email Encryption

Protect sensitive files, attachments, and other shared information across most popular email platforms. Flexible and customizable email security policies reduce the risk of punitive and damaging consequences. Features a complete audit trail to help you meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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