Enhance your solutions by partnering with
the market leader in archiving for compliance
and e-discovery.

Partner with Smarsh, the award-winning leader in archiving for compliance and e-discovery, and leverage our extendable APIs to build atop the Smarsh Archiving Platform.

The Smarsh Developers Program Content Ingestion API and SDK (software development kit) enables you to directly ingest content into the Smarsh Archiving Platform, helping satisfy the needs of your customers in regulated or litigious industries. Your customers have the ability to archive, review and produce the content generated through your technology, and meet their recordkeeping, production and supervision requirements.

Remove the regulatory barriers to entry and open your business to new markets. Smarsh will work directly with you to ingest your customer data and enhance your offerings with an innovative, trusted and reliable archiving solution.

By partnering with Smarsh, you can…

  • Answer “yes” when clients ask if they can retain and produce their data
  • Reduce the time and development effort needed to deliver critical added value with your solutions
  • Be confident that the data will appear how your customers want it—with fully threaded, contextual conversations