e-discovery compliance

Comprehensive archiving
is critical to your

e-discovery strategy

Proactive archiving makes reacting to e-discovery
events less expensive, simpler and faster.

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Nearly every business will face an e-discovery event at some point, and will need to search and produce content for audits, investigations, or litigation. As the volume and types of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) multiply, the IT and legal ramifications of managing e-discovery improperly become riskier and more costly.

By proactively preserving and collecting all of your digital content in one consolidated, immutable and search-ready archiving system, your IT or legal team can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with e-discovery and reduce the amount of extraneous information requiring manual review by high-cost legal professionals.

Universal Search

Avoid expensive, time-consuming Identification and collection of ESI from siloed data sources.

Early Case Assessment

Gain early insights into your case to assess strengths, weaknesses and risks to your business.

Single-Click Legal Hold

Override your retention policies and preserve relevant data at the first sign of potential litigation.

Export Data Easily

Quickly and flexibly package relevant data for the later stages of the e-discovery process.

Thorough Early Case Assessment

The Challenge:
The less time the better when it comes to the period between the impending litigation or audit and gaining a full understanding of your risks, strengths, and weaknesses of the case. The less time that goes into procedural posturing and the litigation “exercise,” the better for settlements, relationships, and business productivity.

The Solution:
Create a Case within The Archiving Platform from Smarsh to create a subset of email and any other archived content types to drill down on and prepare for audits and litigation. Once an initial data set has been retrieved, all relevant content can be added to a Case with a single click.

This approach offers powerful capabilities that pay off later in the EDRM model by refining and culling the data sent to legal counsel for review to only what is needed, saving time and money. Legal teams will also be able to show a detailed audit trail, and demonstrate a defensible and repeatable ECA process.

Export Data Easily

The Challenge:
Your legal team needs an efficient way to complete the expensive processing, review and analysis of significant content after it has been identified and collected. In many instances, this requires export into specialized e-discovery systems.

The Solution:
Run multiple granular searches across all archived content and package the relevant results into a Case. When the Case is ready to be exported, the team can simply hit the Export button, which pulls data out of the platform quickly and efficiently, eliminating manual or fragmented cycles. Content can be encrypted and exported in multiple universal format options, making it ready for ingestion into other case management or e-discovery tools.

“Our implementation went very smoothly. Matt from Smarsh was very helpful by walking us through the process which included a pre-install call, followed up with installation instructions, and then a second call session to complete the set up. The integration has worked well for our firm.”

- Lynn Bolhuis, Vista Wealth Management

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