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Smarsh message types

Blackberry® Smartphone Archiving Blackberry® Smartphones

More than two out of three firms that allow text messaging do not have a solution in place for retention and oversight. That puts you and your organization at unnecessary risk of incurring FINRA fines for failing to meet electronic messaging compliance standards. Blackberry® smartphone users can choose from three different Smarsh options to archive their text messages. First, download the Smarsh text capture app on your Blackberry device. The application runs silently in the background of the device and makes a copy of all SMS messages. Second, a non-software approach is available for employees who use AT&T as their carrier. Just enable text archiving, and AT&T supports Smarsh archiving of all text messages in the background. A third option uses the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) to collect SMS, PIM and BBM text messages directly from company mobile devices and route them to the Smarsh archiving platform.

With the Smarsh Mobile Archiving content is ingested in its native format. Smarsh preserves and indexes each unique element or related object of a messaging type, rather than flattening a text message conversation into the body of an email. By ingesting data intelligently, Smarsh introduces a series of advantages to the search and review process. The Archiving Platform also allows users to view the full thread of the conversation in order to easily understand the context in which a text was made.

State-of-the-Art Security and Encryption

Smarsh Social Media Archiving


Our data centers meet the Systrust security control set, including floor-to-ceiling walls, key-card activated biometric readers, 24–7 surveillance and on-site security.

Smarsh Social Media Archiving

Data Centers

Smarsh manages its own secure, redundant and geographically dispersed SSAE16 SOC2/3 data centers.

Smarsh Social Media Archiving


Physical and logical access of our data centers and offices is restricted to Smarsh employees only. We run rigorous background checks on all employees.

Smarsh Social Media Archiving


User authentication for the Archiving Platform is via 256-bit SSL encryption. Data is protected using forced 2048-bit SSL and TLS encryption.

Choose the package that’s right for your organization.


$75 Per Month

For small organizations requiring
compliance archiving and basic search

Platform access for up to
10 Users

Up to
2 Lexicon Policies

Basic Admin
& Reports

Supports Supervision &
Personal Access Modules

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$150 Per Month

For organizations requiring greater
capabilities and control

Platform access for up to
50 Users

Up to
10 Lexicon Policies

Also includes
Advanced Searches

Supports Supervision,
Personal Access &
Discovery Modules


$1,000 Per Month

For large organizations
with dedicated teams of users

Platform access for
Unlimited Users

Lexicon Policies

Also includes
Enhanced Security &
Advanced Administration

Supports Supervision,
Personal Access &
Discovery Modules

All packages support archiving of over 40 content types, licensed separately from the core platform fee. One-time implementation and import fees may apply.

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