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The expanding electronic communications landscape is giving government agencies more and better ways to collaborate and communicate, but the proliferation of public records has created unique retention and oversight challenges. Messages deemed public records must be retained and accessible to ensure compliance with the rigorous standards of federal, state and local open-records requirements. Failure to maintain and secure complete and accurate records leaves agencies vulnerable to legal, financial and security risks.

Smarsh provides the leading technology platform specifically designed to meet these challenges. Unlike siloed legacy solutions, The Archiving Platform from Smarsh enables you to retain and produce all of your digital content – email, social media, mobile, websites, instant messaging and more – in one comprehensive archive.

Meet your retention and production obligations

Lower your total cost and IT burden

Protect your organization

Carry the torch, and get ahead of the open government and transparency trends that are shaping the conversation at all levels. Proactively preserve, search and review your entity’s email, social media, text messages, website records and other forms of electronic communications in one archiving system. Be prepared for FOIA/open-records requests with on-demand data production and export.

With the Smarsh hosted model, you will achieve cost certainty over the life of the contract – with no storage overages or hidden fees.  There is no need to purchase and maintain hardware, or call on your IT department to maintain your archiving software. Give records managers the tools to pull records in seconds, limiting IT’s role in discovery or records requests, and improving overall efficiency.

Understanding what is happening within your entity is critical to managing and mitigating the risk. Whether it be simple violations of usage policies, or corruption, inefficiencies and bad press, agencies can identify potential risks as they are happening within The Archiving Platform from Smarsh. Meanwhile, save thousands of dollars during litigation by avoiding processing and collection fees, legal costs, and spoliation of evidence sanctions. Automated archival processes, legal holds and retention policies can reduce individual user liability and organizational risk.

Key Regulations

Smarsh helps public service organizations meet compliance obligations for:

“I run a lean, client-focused organization, so I rely on technology. We have a one-person compliance department, and I wanted a solution that would limit her time spent on supervision to no more than an hour each week. Smarsh offered us a tool that made a vast field of data easily searchable.”

Heron Financial Group | Wealth Advisors, a New York-based registered investment advisory firm (RIA), caters to client families with $1–10 million in investable assets. Heron doubled assets over the last two years by effectively utilizing social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to enhance a targeted marketing effort.

- David Edwards, Founder and President, Heron Financial

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