FINRA Rule 4511

FINRA Rule 4511, which is based on the general recordkeeping requirements of NASD Rule 3110(a) and NYSE Rule 440, clarifies that firms are obligated to:

(1) make and preserve books and records as required under the rules of FINRA, the Securities Exchange Act (SEA) and the applicable SEA rules;


(2) preserve the books and records required to be made pursuant to the FINRA rules in a format and media that complies with SEA Rule 17a-4.

Additionally, FINRA Rule 4511 requires firms to preserve for a period of at least six years those FINRA books and records for which there is no specified retention period under the FINRA rules or applicable SEA rules. This six-year retention period is a default retention period for those FINRA rules that require firms to preserve certain books and records, but do not specify a retention period, and where there is no retention period specified under the SEA rules. In the absence of contrary guidance in a rule, if the books and records pertain to an account, the retention period is for six years after the date the account is closed; otherwise, the retention period is for six years after such books and records are made.

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.pdf of FINRA Regulatory Notice 11–19 which contains information on the SEC-approved proposal from FINRA to adopt rules governing books and records for the consolidated FINRA rulebook

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