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Enable a unified compliance and e-discovery workflow across all content types within your organization. Search and review all of your content in one place, creating efficiency and providing peace of mind.

Microsoft Yammer®Microsoft Yammer®

Many organizations would like to take advantage of the increased cross-department collaboration and employee engagement that Yammer brings, but risk management considerations have loomed as too large of an adoption barrier. Smarsh enables organizations to archive and produce Yammer files and communications in support of e-discovery, compliance and recordkeeping initiatives.

Through a direct relationship with Microsoft, Yammer content is ingested in its native format. Smarsh preserves and indexes each unique element or related object of a messaging type, rather than flattening or shoehorning non-email messages into the body of an email. By ingesting data intelligently, Smarsh introduces a series of advantages to the search and review process. The Archiving Platform also provides a contextual view – meaning users can view the full context of the conversation including comments and files added subsequently to the original post.

State-of-the-Art Security and Encryption

Smarsh Social Media Archiving


Our data centers meet the Systrust security control set, including floor-to-ceiling walls, key-card activated biometric readers, 24–7 surveillance and on-site security.

Smarsh Social Media Archiving

Data Centers

Smarsh manages its own secure, redundant and geographically dispersed SSAE16 SOC2/3 data centers.

Smarsh Social Media Archiving


Physical and logical access of our data centers and offices is restricted to Smarsh employees only. We run rigorous background checks on all employees.

Smarsh Social Media Archiving


User authentication for the Archiving Platform is via 256-bit SSL encryption. Data is protected using forced 2048-bit SSL and TLS encryption.

Choose the right package for your compliance needs


Up to 10 Reviewers;
Up to 40+ Content Types Supported
Personal Archive Module Supported




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Up to 50 Reviewers;
Up to 40+ Content Types Supported
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50+ Reviewers;
Up to 40+ Content Types Supported
All Add-On Modules Supported


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Professional Services +
Up to 10 1-Hour Live Training Sessions (Web)
24x7 Access to Technical Support
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Monthly pricing includes a core platform fee and content licenses. One-time implementation and import fees may apply.

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