2015 Top 5 Technology Trends in Review and Predictions for 2016

Industry experts from Smarsh and Osterman Research review key Information Archiving trends, advancements and take-aways from 2015 and discuss what the year ahead in 2016 will likely bring

Yes, compliance for electronic communications is still the main driver for adopting archiving solutions in regulated industries, but the conversation is expanding to legal, IT, marketing and C-level stakeholders too as technology solutions become more comprehensive. Topics we will cover include the following:

  • Cloud-based Comprehensive Archive Platforms vs. On-premise Archiving
  • Fewer email attachments and more links to cloud stored content
  • Increasing use of Social Media content types 
  • Audio/Video content as part of a comprehensive archive strategy
  • Archiving as an organization-wide focus beyond the compliance team

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