On-Demand – Text Messaging & Public Record Management

Compliantly use SMS in your Department

Do you know your agency’s current process for handling a record request for text messages/SMS information on an employee work or personal phone? Chances are, both devices are being used for work, which means they are creating public records. The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to capture these records effectively. Many agencies choose to look the other way; however, this opens your department up to the risk of lawsuits, negative press, and a breakdown of trust between the agency and community. So how do you bridge the gap between avoidance and acceptance?

This webinar covers everything your department needs to know about how to embrace text message communications, mitigate risks, and properly archive SMS messages.

This webinar features:

– Best practices for archiving SMS messaging
– How BYOD can still work in government offices
– Real-world examples of SMS archiving (case study)
– Vendor checklist to guide you through SMS message archiving

Download the slides here.