5 Steps to Automate Website and Social Media Monitoring for Lenders

Social media and modern website marketing have changed how lenders grow their business. With more people relying on social media, peer recommendations, and dynamic websites to make big decisions, lenders and their loan officers need to pay attention to these types of content more than ever.

Lenders are already managing a long list of other industry rules and regulations, so these extra cycles of website and social media monitoring can have a significant time and cost impact on a business, if not managed efficiently with smart policies, and some help from technology.

With no room for error, how can you keep your marketing engines revving while you stay on course with the regulations? The key to success is automation.

Read 5 Steps to Automate Website and Social Media Monitoring for Lenders to learn:
  • Why it’s important to set up policies and training for social media and websites
  • How to use technology to automate the supervision of your digital presence
  • Keys to refining you monitoring process over time

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