compliant social media strategy

Key Components of a Successful and Compliant Social Media Strategy

This joint white paper from Hootsuite™ and Smarsh® examines how members of the financial services industry can approach social media in a way that takes ownership of their brand, engages customers, and maintains compliance.

Read this white paper for tips to develop a social media strategy, establish proper policies and procedures to educate employees on the tone and direction of your brand, and find low-risk ways to monitor online activities.

Taking ownership of your social media presence involves more than creating accounts, particularly in regulated industries. You must also understand the role of archiving, and the measures you can take to make it more efficient while mitigating the risk of not capturing internal and external social messaging.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Benefits of training and educating employees as social media brand ambassadors
  • How to use metrics and analytics to inspire growth and engagement
  • What to look for in solutions that mitigate risk, and make archiving and compliance easier and more secure