Social Media and Mortgage Regulation

Social Media and Mortgage Regulation: What’s Next?

With over 1.5 billion social media users, adoption of the medium in the mortgage and lending industry has outpaced compliance guidelines. This white paper identifies the regulatory risks of social media use in the residential mortgage industry, and features a handful of predictions about future risks and rewards.

It’s important to understand what the future of social media use and compliance could look like for the mortgage and lending industry. Although the FFIEC released their guidance for social media use two years ago, there’s limited information to help lenders bridge the gap between consumer demand and industry compliance.

Download Social Media and Mortgage Regulation: What’s Next? to learn:

  • Potential far-reaching uses of social media
  • Risks of social media use in the residential mortgage industry
  • How to avoid those risks, such as privacy breaches, recordkeeping failures, and deceptive advertising practices