FCA Social Media Regulations: Best Practices for Business & Personal Communications Made ‘In The Course of Business’

In March 2015 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its much anticipated final guidance on social media (FG 15/4) that outlines its supervisory approach to financial promotions and customer communications.

FCA FG 15/4 guidance states that a financial promotion made ‘in the course of business’ falls under the regulators regime and applies not only to the firm’s official business accounts but also to employee’s personal social media accounts.

Download the Personal vs. Business Communication: FCA Social Media Regulations 1.5 ‘In the Course of Business’ white paper to understand what the regulator expects of you and your firm and learn:

  • The significance of ‘In the Course of Business’ directive
  • How the directive applies to social media
  • FCA examples of communications that include a commercial interest
  • Personal versus business social accounts best practices
  • How best to supervise and keep records of personal and business social posts

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