Quickly capture and archive all collaboration content from Redtail including one-on-one and team chats with Smarsh.

  • Firms and agencies that have compliance, open records and e-discovery requirements can now leverage the Redtail Speak communication tool while meeting recordkeeping and oversight requirements. Policies can be applied to Redtail Speak chat content as it is added to the archive.
  • All elements of Redtail Speak collaborative content are preserved and data can be quickly reviewed based on message, chat room or participant. Chats are automatically ingested, indexed and retained in a search-ready state and are accessible at any time.
  • Archiving does not disrupt or impact the way individuals interact with each social network. You can search universally across multiple archived communication channels with a single interface.

Key Features

API driven Capture

Direct source capture

Redtail Speak archiving is supported by SMTP capture as email. Redtail sends us content directly in its native format.

Message threading

Message threading shows messages in their original context. Files, photos and videos are displayed as part of the messages, as they were originally sent.
Identity Integrations

Profile and identity management

Smarsh supports Identity and profile provisioning using automated directory synchronization.

Attachments support

Attachments including images, videos and other files are supported for Redtail Speak capture and archived attachments and can be viewed or downloaded in proper context in their original form.

Automatic indexing

All messages are automatically indexed for speedy retrieval and can be checked and flagged for review based on customizable, granular policies for key words and phrases.
External archiver support icon

External archive support

Smarsh has options to capture Redtail Speak content and sent it to an existing archive, or archive it in our integrated, compliant Connected Archive depending on your needs.