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Comprehensive Archiving

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Securing access to valuable corporate data is a hot topic and getting hotter. Breaches continue to make headlines when they happen due to the impact they can have on all parties involved. The scope of what needs to be protected and monitored is widening as well with the adoption of new communication types and platforms, including social media. Partnering with Smarsh and leveraging The Archiving Platform™ can deliver the solution needed when it comes to keeping your valuable communications retained in a highly secure, but responsive cloud-based archive and proactively monitoring for ongoing risk with its industry-leading policy-driven supervision and review capabilities.

Keeping your archived
content secure

Retain a wide range of different content types
knowing it is secure at all times.

Proactive supervision
to mitigate risk

Automate policy-driven supervision and review
for all your archived content

Keeping your archived content secure

The Challenge:
Organizations of all sizes are targets for security breaches and data hijacking. Beyond data, communications content can be very desirable to steal or gain unauthorized access to as it does not need any translation and typically involves multiple parties. This applies equally to internal communications and not just external. Today, email is still the biggest piece of the communications spectrum that must be secured and monitored, but there is so much more being used – e.g. social media, mobile, web pages, blogs, etc. The challenge is to find a single platform that can capture all of the different communication content types being used by your organization and keep it safe at all times – in transit, in the archive, and how it is accessed when it is needed.

The Solution:
Smarsh has been in the business of archiving for organizations in regulated industries since 2001. Along the way, we have assembled and tightly woven together a state-of-the-art collection of leading security-related technologies and industry best practices to keep your content retained with us secure at all times. When it comes to security, you are only as strong as your weakest link so we apply the same stringent principles across all aspects of the security spectrum – physical, software-driven and personnel. Whether it’s our SSAE16 SOC2 certified status, rigorous background checks on personnel or state of the art encryption schemes, you can rest assured that all of your valuable communications content is securely retained and protected from unauthorized access.

Proactive supervision to mitigate risk

The Challenge:
As the scope of content types and platforms requiring proactive supervision widens, new problems arise for organizations when it comes to implementing and maintaining an effective solution to deal with it. One widespread challenge that has emerged is the potential of ending up with disparate and separate systems for supervising each of the various content types that an organization uses to communicate with. Not only is this inefficient to manage, but not having a single, consolidated view of your communications leaves the door open for cracks or gaps that potentially damaging activities can find safe harbor in. A comprehensive approach to supervision gives you total visibility as to any potential risks that the wide range of content types being used by your organization may introduce, such as non-compliance, damage to your brand, or exposing you to potential litigation, and gives you a means to take documented corrective action – something regulators look for.

The Solution:
As a leading Comprehensive Archive Platform, The Archiving Platform from Smarsh™ eliminates the potential of dealing with multiple silos of content to supervise and monitor. With its automated policy engine driven supervision and review workflow capabilities, the Archiving Platform from Smarsh™ takes the guess-work out of making sure that external and internal communications do not contain content that could jeopardize compliance or bring about unwanted legal action and brand damage by proactively checking each archived message according to the policies that you define. When potential violations of your set policies are detected, messages are flagged for review and placed into an intuitive team-driven workflow for disposition. With the ever-increasing volume and diversity of communications flowing in and out and inside organizations these days, the only way to stay ahead of the risks is to automate the process as much as possible and establish the widest and tightest compliance perimeter possible – which is exactly what The Archiving Platform from Smarsh is designed to do.

"Our firm has used Smarsh for years, and they do a great job on the technical side, but we didn't love the user interface until their recent update for email archiving. I was impressed because it shows that they are trying to learn and update their software on an ongoing basis. The archiving specifically for chatter is great, and the implementation was very easy as an add-on to our contract."

- Patricia Ritsman, Performance Trust

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