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Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency
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“Thanks for the class today. I feel much more comfortable on creating
the policies and especially the help on the research to create them.
Your style of presentation was one of knowledge yet personal at the same time.“

~ Compliance Officer at Dickinson Investment Advisors

Effective Policy Management Courses

The Smarsh Effective Policy Management course will walk your team through the process of setting up policy rules, applying status exclusions, performing searches and effective results reporting. At the end of the class you’ll be able to reduce white noise, identify risks, and customize your Policies.

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Participants will learn how to:

Review the full set of Policy Rules available to choose from within the Smarsh Archiving Platform
Select a pre-set Policy Rule from the Smarsh Archiving Platform (e.g., Anti-Money Laundering) and manually enter the lexicon
Apply action or status to the matching messages
Apply exclusions to improve the resulting hit rate
Build a Policy Rule around a specific regulation
Compare and contrast effective vs. ineffective policy rules based on Smarsh best practices
Perform a search based on tags
Access out-of-the-box report that shows resulting “Hit Rate” based on policy rule flags
Walk through real-life case studies
Leverage Smarsh services for audit search / export assistance, policy customization and ongoing tuning

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