Forrester Research: Social Media Archiving Market Overview

Disruptive technology trends such as mobile, social, and cloud wreak havoc on information governance.

Many compliance professionals still struggle to meet archiving and eDiscovery requirements with email, and now employees are using social and mobile channels, which are even harder to control. Their dynamic format creates headaches for those responsible for ensuring the authenticity of social posts and preserving related context — including author, location, and ensuing discussion threads. Social archiving vendors help meet these emerging challenges with tools that directly capture social posts, fully recreate metadata, and enable quick, intuitive searches to handle review and supervision tasks.

In this webinar, guest speaker Nick Hayes, Security & Risk Analyst at Forrester and Mike Pagani, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Smarsh, Inc walk through the highlights of the Forrester Market Overview on Social Media Archiving. Join our webinar to learn:

  • Common struggles organizations face in keeping their compliance and retention management on pace with emerging communications tools
  • The importance of preserving context when capturing social media content
  • Where archiving fits within the larger social media vendor eco-system
  • Understanding the role of archiving as part of your information governance strategy
  • Recommendations for building a flexible archiving strategy


Nick Hayes,
Forrester Research
Nick’s research is dedicated to helping risk professionals and other business leaders understand and manage customer-facing risks in order to build more resilient brands. He has extensive knowledge of the security, privacy, archiving, and other compliance challenges of social media, as well as the technical controls used to address them. He also specializes in the tools that monitor and analyze social data to improve oversight and mitigation tactics of myriad reputational, third-party, security, and operational risks.


Mike Pagani,
Mike Pagani is Senior Director of Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist at Smarsh. He is a seasoned IT professional and recognized subject matter expert in the areas of mobility, identity and access management, network security and virtualization. In his role, Mike also works with industry regulators, such as the SEC and FINRA, to keep customers and partners informed of the latest developments and requirements related to electronic communications compliance.