Reveal risk, comply with regulations, and safeguard your company’s reputation

AI-powered supervision and conduct surveillance

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What is Conduct Intel?

Conduct Intel is a central component of the Communications Intelligence Platform that enables you to identify risks and opportunities in human communication. Merging the mature Smarsh Supervision and Digital Reasoning Conduct Surveillance technologies, Conduct Intel is an application built from decades of expertise, development, and refinement. With a targeted approach to surface risk, anomalies and trends in your communications, Conduct Intel improves your ability to meet global regulatory requirements for supervision and surveillance from FINRA, IIROC, FCA, MiFID II and more.

Key Benefits

Identify risks and opportunities in human communication

  • Surface true risk
  • Customizable workflows
  • Preserve context
  • Augment your efforts
  • API connectivity
  • Voice & video

Surface risk and reduce noise with targeted policies and NLP

Configurable policies analyze your communications using the best technology for the need — NLP, ML, AI and refined lexicons. Combined with a mature escalation and management workflow, Conduct Intel provides significant reduction in false positives compared to traditional lexicon approaches, in addition to the identification of previously hidden risk.

Enable productivity through customizable review workflows

Facilitate efficient team-based supervision and surveillance by adapting workflows and reporting to meet your organization’s unique requirements. Configure custom escalation queues to effectively identify and respond to messages that require urgent attention. Generate reports that demonstrate your review process in action and provide full audit trails with the ability to show activity on every message in your archive.

Gain more effective insight through context preservation

Capture and retain all your communications across 80+ supported channels in full, threaded conversational context in the Communications Data Warehouse for point-in-time visibility into entire interactions. This makes your review workflows faster and more effective.

Expand your efforts with Smarsh services

Whether you have a full team on-staff or are running lean and mean, Smarsh can help support your needs through policy tuning and workflow consultation. We can also augment your review teams with Assisted Review. Additionally, leverage our expert Professional Services Team to maximize the value of your policies with health checks and policy tuning to meet the specific needs of your firm.

Connect to your other tools using APIs

API extensibility enables you to integrate and enrich your archived data with trade, voice, or behavioral analysis tools. Bilateral enrichment allows data transferred between applications and to retain important insights from wherever they are identified.

Capture, transcribe and analyze voice and video

With your communication channels always evolving, stay on top of risk wherever it occurs through voice and video transcription. AI-powered natural language processing can help you identify risk even through obfuscation techniques of code-switching and mixed languages.

Ready to surface the truth in your organization?

Safeguard your organization with InfoSec-tested policies designed to meet your needs – natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and robust lexicons. Discover the true intent within human language and transform your oversight programs into foresight.

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