Best Practices for Social Media Archiving and Security

The use of social media provides a number of important benefits that help organizations to become more efficient, that help users speed the decision-making process, and that allow information sharing in a way that is not possible or practical otherwise. However, increasing use of social media – whether consumer-focused or enterprise-grade – comes with several risks and costs.

Social media is pervasive in the workplace, not only by employees for their personal use, but also for business purposes. For example, 73% of the organizations surveyed for this white paper employ Facebook for business reasons, 64% use LinkedIn, and 56% use Twitter, in addition to a variety of other social media platforms.

Taking ownership of your social media presence involves more than creating accounts, particularly in regulated industries. You must also understand the role of archiving, and the measures you can take to make it more efficient while mitigating the risk of not capturing internal and external social messaging.

Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Conduct audits to identify the value of the social tools you use
  • Implement policies and solutions to ensure employees use social media safely
  • Deploy external and internal social networking solutions while mitigating risk

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