Be prepared for unplanned audits and avoid unexpected costs

Respond more quickly efficiently to regulatory requests with an added level of expert support from Smarsh.

Audits are challenging

Routine audits and their related data requests are part of doing business in regulated industries. When unplanned additional audits or regulatory examinations arise, firms can incur significant unforeseen costs for short-term professional assistance—usually at higher rates—to fulfill the request. To avoid additional costs, some firms choose to respond to regulators using a manual approach, which is inefficient and can increase opportunities for risk. The good news is these are not your only options.

Audit Assist


You can enhance your ability to respond to regulatory audits and requests with Audit Assist. In addition to Smarsh self-service tools in our archiving platform, Audit Assist connects you with Smarsh data experts who will help you respond to routine or unexpected audits and content requests quickly and efficiently. Audit Assist is subscription-based, and is provided by the Smarsh Professional Services team.

Audit Assist Highlights

  • Content searches and data extractions are conducted on your firm’s behalf, based on the audit parameters you provide
  • Each Audit Assist subscription covers one audit response per year, with up to five hours of professional assistance
  • Subscriptions can be purchased to cover multiple audits per year
  • Low monthly subscription rate makes Audit Assist an affordable planned expense, rather than an unexpected and unbudgeted cost
  • An Audit Assist subscription provides an additional level of support beyond the self-service tools in The Archiving Platform or the Connected Archive

Still have questions?

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Audit Assist™

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