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Vantage Server Micro Services Administrator


This hands-on course provides a comprehensive introduction to Vantage Server Micro Services. With a modular approach the course covers the installation and configuration of our Vantage Server solution using our Micro Services implementation. This course has a modular approach and covers capture of content from one or multiple networks/platforms. Attendees will gain a good understanding of the environment supporting the specific platform in use in their implementation. They will learn about the features and functions of the solution and how to leverage it to capture, manage, audit and export communications.

Course Topics

  • Vantage Server Micro Services components
  • Vantage Server Micro Services architecture
  • Vantage Server Micro Services workflow
  • Server software and hardware requirements
  • Service account and permissions requirements
  • Where to obtain/download the server software
  • Installing pre-requisites (Open JDK and Erlang)
  • Installing RabbitMQ Server
  • Installing Vantage Server 
  • Installing the Service Manager
  • Deploying Micro Services
  • Deploying Appropriate Connector Services to support required networks
  • Creating or installing required apps to support required networks
  • Configuring Vantage for High-Availability
  • Introduction to the Vantage Dashboard
  • Vantage Dashboard Installation and Configuration