Webinar – A Closer Look at Comprehensive Archive Platforms

A closer look at comprehensive archive platforms, as well as industry trends and insights

As archiving grows to become a full-scope business requirement in regulated industries, it’s important to understand the traditional drivers for archiving and how you can realize greater value from archived data, content, and communications.

In this webinar, Guest Speaker Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester Research analyst and author of Market Overview: Information Archiving, Q2 2015 and Mike Pagani, Chief Evangelist at Smarsh discuss the evolution of the comprehensive archiving landscape and the comprehensive archiving platform category.

Viewers will learn:

  • Trends and marketing imperatives driving the evolution of archiving
  • The impact of social media, web, voice, video, and other nontraditional content types
  • Best practices for archiving and what to expect from your vendor

    A Closer Look at Comprehensive Archive Platforms

    Cheryl McKinnon

    Principal Analyst Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Forrester Research

    Cheryl McKinnon is a principal analyst serving the needs of Enterprise Architecture Professionals. She covers the trends, challenges, and recommended practices for managing enterprise content. Her focus is delivering research and advisory services into areas including enterprise content management (ECM), content archiving, enterprise file-sync and file-share, document-centric collaboration, life-cycle management, information governance, and eDiscovery.

    Mike Pagani

    Senior Director of Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist


    Mike Pagani is Senior Director of Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist at Smarsh. He is a seasoned IT professional and recognized subject matter expert in the areas of mobility, identity and access management, network security and virtualization. In his role, Mike also works with industry regulators, such as the SEC and FINRA, to keep customers and partners informed of the latest developments and requirements related to electronic communications compliance.