Webinar – Social Media and Mortgage Regulation: What’s Next?

The current and future state of social media use in the mortgage industry

As social media use in the lending industry grows beyond advertising and office promotion, it is important to understand the regulatory efforts to monitor and manage what mortgage lenders and brokers are doing in the social space, and how to mitigate the risk of noncompliance.

Andrea Lee Negroni, JD, and Smarsh Lending Compliance Specialist, Dan Carroll discuss the current and future state of social media in the mortgage industry and how:

  • Social media is used in the mortgage business today, and how it might it be used in the future
  • Social platforms can help regulators broadcast news about noncompliant lenders and impermissible practices
  • Lenders should expect social media compliance evaluations during supervisory examinations

Slides available here.


      Andrea “Lee” Negroni, JD

      Mortgage Compliance Expert

      Attorney Andrea “Lee” Negroni is a nationally known expert on residential mortgage banking and author of several books on regulation of the home mortgage lending industry. She was in private practice in Washington DC for 25 years. Lee is on the faculty of American University’s Washington College of Law, where she teaches consumer financial services law. She is a Fellow of the American College of Consumer Financial Services Lawyers. She graduated from Emory University and Columbia Law School.

      Dan Carroll

      Lending Compliance Specialist

      Dan Carroll serves as Lending Team Manager at Smarsh, where he helps drive the growth of the company’s enterprise client base across a broad range of financial services industries including title services, mortgage and banking. In his role, Dan assists organizations in selecting the digital communications monitoring, compliance and e-discovery solutions that will work best for their business. He partners with clients to meet and exceed expectations, offering sage advice and options based on over two decades of technology experience.