Upcoming Webinar: The Text Messaging Risk That Lies Hidden Within Your Firm

If you’re a compliance officer at a financial services firm, chances are your organization is grappling with the newest and largest risk – text messages sent to and from your employees that contain business communications. It’s no secret that text use is on the rise, mainly due to its simplicity and efficiency when keeping in touch with clients and colleagues.

But text messages represent such a significant blind spot that firms are now scrambling to find best practices and solutions to help reduce compliance liability. It’s a thorny issue, but it must be dealt with NOW before your firm finds itself in regulatory trouble.

Smarsh invites you to join us for an informative webinar where you’ll discover why:

  • Formal “no use” policies for text messaging on mobile phones are simply not enough to protect a firm against risk.
  • Unmonitored messages can wreak the most havoc on your compliance record and even your firm’s reputation.
  • Having the ability to produce text messages quickly is imperative when a regulator asks for them.
  • ‘I have no way to supervise messages’ is no longer a valid excuse when dealing with text communications on a company-owned mobile phone or an employee’s personal mobile phone.

Learn how to close the gap that text messaging creates during this informative webinar. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Mike Pagani

Chief Evangelist

Mike Pagani is Senior Director of Product Marketing and Chief Evangelist at Smarsh. He is a seasoned IT professional and recognized subject matter expert in the areas of mobility, identity and access management, network security and virtualization. In his role, Mike also works with industry regulators, such as the SEC and FINRA, to keep customers and partners informed of the latest developments and requirements related to electronic communications compliance.

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