Using our FREE Records Retention Policy Template and current trends in Government communications

Part One of this webinar features the unveiling of our newly developed FREE Electronic Records Retention Policy Template for government organizations and how to use it.  Join Smarsh experts Bonnie Page, General Counsel and Mike Pagani, Chief Evangelist as they walk you through this new template designed to help you establish and maintain an effective set of policies for the use of electronic communications.  Discussions will include policies on the retention of records, as well as the use of government versus personally owned devices, networks and accounts.

 In Part Two, we go over some thought-provoking highlights  from the results of our Government Compliance Survey that was conducted in April.  We received a lot of responses and are excited to share with you some of the insights into what US towns, cities, counties, schools, states, and federal government entities are doing currently in regards to policies and technology around public records and electronic communications usage.

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