On-Demand Webinar

Hybrid Work: Re-Charge Your Cyber and Supervision Compliance Engine

Hybrid work has propelled us into a new reality, complete with a new set of risks. While regulators are increasingly focused on cybersecurity, financial services organizations should look ahead and take preemptive steps to ensure controls are in place. Forward-thinking organizations need to consider the role of devices and collaboration tools to ensure compliance. Cyber compliance tools along with communications policies are the keys to success. Join the leaders in cyber compliance, Entreda along with leaders in digital communications policy, Smarsh on December 2nd at 10am PT/ 1pm ET for a discussion on how to navigate the changing landscape of hybrid work.


Our experts will address:

  • Devices: How BYOD is posing new cyber risks, and best practices for policy
  • Data leakage: Protecting data from employee transfer and privacy complications from improper use
  • Lost or stolen devices: ensuring compliance tools are in place to mitigate cyber threats
  • Collaboration tools: Closing compliance gaps from collaboration tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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