manage social media communication risk

Manage the Risk Out of Social Media Communications

The proliferation of new and different electronic communications content types in regulated industries continues to accelerate, and social media channels are a huge component to deal with.

Enable BYOP (Bring Your Own Persona) with archiving to reap the rewards.

Double-digit growth of social-media use in business communications means companies must adapt quickly, but securely, to the next phase in the consumerization of IT. This shift from using personal devices to personal social media accounts is of particular importance for regulated industries because of strict regulatory guidelines around social media reporting and archiving.

Download Manage the Risk out of Social Media Communications to explore the key elements of Bring Your Own Persona (BYOP), and its trends, challenges, and solutions for management, IT, and employees.

The white paper also identifies:

  • Emerging patterns for social media use in business communication
  • The expanding perimeter of communication that must be reviewed for compliance
  • Guidance and recommendations for using social media

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