Social Media Best Practices for Financial Services Firms

Best Practices for Financial Services Firms: Rolling Out a Social Media Policy

This research and information presents financial services firms with an overview for rolling out a social media policy to advisors. Inside, we address the growing popularity of social media and its integral role in marketing strategies, along with tips for social media policy development, training and rollout, advanced training, and future social media considerations.

According to a study by FTI Consulting and Linkedin, “Among financial advisors in particular, social media has quickly become a critical business tool. With a business that is fueled principally by networking, advisors are increasingly integrating social media as a core element of their marketing efforts.”

Broker-dealers that don’t have a clear social media policy that supports its advisors needs could be at a competitive disadvantage.

Sheri Fitts, of ShoeFitts Marketing, uses case studies and industry best practices to lay out social media strategy and policies that make sense for financial advisors.

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  • What social media policies a firm should have in place
  • Long-term social media strategies that will drive business opportunities
  • How companies like Principle Financial Group and Securities America planned their social networking rollout.

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