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We don’t replace your IT team, we compliment them. We don’t do what they do, and they don’t do what we do.

There is no one that can prevent cyber-attacks, if anyone had told you otherwise, they are lying. All that can be done is to put in place proper protocols that can BEST protect you. We do this, plus compliance reporting which satisfies the regulators (SEC/FINRA, state-board’s) cybersecurity guidelines.


We have SEVERAL layers of security to protect us here at Entreda. We also have a sandbox type approach which means that each client of ours (out of the hundreds we have), is its own sandbox with its own layers of security. This means that even in the small likeliness that we do get hacked they would have to go through layer after layer of each sandbox (client). On top of all that, we don’t even have access to real data. All we have access to is metadata. This is data about data. So we don’t know your passwords, or even what you’re typing on your computer, all we know are the applications and processes launched, which allows us to detect variance to dictate if we see something that seems to be out of the blue, or potentially malicious. So even if hackers got us they’d have nothing to steal.

As a part of your cybersecurity policy, we highly recommend that if a device has PII, or personally identifiable data, on their device we recommend it be monitored.


Privacy policy – we’ll let you know exactly what we monitor. All we focus on are things that the SEC/FINRA require that we monitor, we don’t monitor anything else. We only take metadata, not actual information.

We collect metadata, not data having said that we can provide you with a privacy policy if you want one

We have real-time alert notifications, and our platform will auto remediate the issue with our notification. We have intrusion surveillance for servers as well, which would include real-time monitoring of the servers looking for intrusions (items like rootkit analysis and syslog analysis)

We have a Cybersecurity insurance policy – You should check the exclusions on your policy. Most policies need us because if you do get breached the policy usually requires evidence of logging in order to exercise the policy, which our platform provides.

To get the most benefit out of the solution, it is recommended to leverage all our services for a holistic integrated solution. However, we do offer an “a la carte” pricing menu that allows you to purchase any subset of the solutions.

Yes. We have a support team available for both phone and email support. We also have FAQ and product Guides available for reference.

Yes. We have an available MSI package, that you can push for a silent and/or mass deployment.

Yes. You can start with any subset of services we offer, and you can add new ones on your account later very simply.

No. We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that our Application does not conflict with any other software you may have.


No. Our Application is light-weight, and typically takes the computer resources of about 1/10th of a web browser or less.