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Securing access to valuable corporate data is a hot topic and getting hotter. Breaches continue to make headlines when they happen due to the impact they can have on all parties involved. In addition, the scope of what needs to be protected and monitored is widening, with the adoption of new communication channels.

Partnering with Smarsh and leveraging our capture and archiving technology delivers the solution you need; keeping your valuable communications retained in a highly secure, but responsive, comprehensive archive and proactively monitoring for ongoing risk with industry-leading, policy-driven supervision capabilities.

Key security & risk challenges


Our Solutions

Comprehensive capture


As the scope of communication channels requiring proactive supervision widens, it is easy for organizations to end up with separate systems for supervising each communication channel. This is inefficient and can present a security risk.

A comprehensive approach to capture gives you total visibility into all content in one platform, with no gaps. Smarsh has supports over 80 different communication channels and is constantly innovating to add support for the latest and most productive channels used by your organization.

Top tier security

Organizations of all sizes are targets for security breaches and data hijacking. There is a need for a single solution that can capture all of your organization's electronic communication data and keep it safe at all times.

Smarsh has been in the business of archiving for organizations in regulated industries since 2001. Along the way, we have assembled a state-of-the-art collection of leading security-related technologies and industry best practices to keep your archived data secure at all times. Our fully redundant SSAE16 SOC2 data centers meet the Systrust security control set, including floor-to-ceiling walls, key-card biometric readers, and 24–7 surveillance and security.

Smarsh uses industry best practices for protecting client data in transit over public networks. Our archiving encryption methods include SSL, TLS and VPN and data is encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.

We comply with global privacy and data protection regulations and physical and logical access of our data centers and offices is restricted to Smarsh employees only. We run rigorous background checks on all employees.

Granular policies & supervision tools

Once all your data is captured, you need to be able to supervise it. Supervision provides oversight of potential risks to your organization including non-compliance, damage to your brand, or exposing you to potential litigation.

Smarsh solutions included advanced supervisory capabilities that can be used to periodically inspect content for potentially sensitive content, such as social security or credit card numbers. Once sensitive items are identified, compliance or security officers can quickly take action to ensure that those risks are contained.

Our Supervision App includes an advanced supervision workflow, multi-tier review queues, action panels, roles reporting, escalation, customizable policies and more to ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

Policies and analytic tools illuminate your business risks and drive proactive decision making. Users can easily visualize data using our dashboards and reporting tools, before exporting relevant data out of the archive with multiple export format options.

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