Comprehensive archiving is critical to your e-discovery strategy

Proactive archiving makes reacting to e-discovery events less expensive, simpler, and faster.

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Nearly every business will need to reproduce records for an e-discovery event at some point. As the volume of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) multiplies with new communication tools emerging, the IT and legal ramifications of managing e-discovery become more costly. By proactively preserving all of your electronic communications in one search-ready archiving system, you can significantly reduce the manual review time and costs associated with litigation and investigation preparedness.

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To satisfy an e-discovery request, you may need to retrieve information from hard drives, servers, employee laptops, siloed tools, or even outside the company in platforms like social networks. Working with server owners and outside vendors to find all relevant ESI can have a big price tag.

Using Smarsh, all of the content your organization has chosen to archive is available in one consolidated, indexed and search-ready platform. Users can conduct rapid, granular searches across all archived content, data types, and custodians using one simple, intuitive interface. Teams can search based on criteria including custodian name, date range, file type, keywords, content source and proximity, or any combination.

Easy case assessment

The less time it takes to gain an understanding of the risks, strengths, and merit and potential costs of a case, the better. Smarsh discovery tools enable legal teams to gain early insights into case strengths and weaknesses as well as potential business risks.

Using the Discovery App to create a case generates an initial data set of email and other archived content to help prepare for audits and litigation. Content can be added to a case with a single click. Granular filters can quickly surface responsive content, helping to reduce the volume of content sent to legal counsel for review, saving time and money. Legal teams will also be able to show a detailed audit trail, and demonstrate a defensible and repeatable ECA process.

Single-click legal hold & Discovery workflow

When litigation is reasonably anticipated, you must preserve all forms of relevant information. Organizations may need to have several different legal holds in place at any given time.

The Discovery App allows you to override your configured retention policies and preserve relevant data at the first sign of potential litigation. Organizations can place multiple legal holds quickly, to meet preservation requirements and show auditable, defensible practices. Legal holds can be placed instantly on case-specific data, and deletion policies and practices can be suspended so data is retained for as long as needed. New data can also be automatically added to a case as it is captured.

Fast & easy data export options

Your legal team needs an efficient way to complete the expensive processing, review and analysis of relevant content after it has been identified and collected. In many instances, this requires export into specialized e-discovery systems.

Smarsh archiving solutions are equipped with multiple export options so data can be produced in a number of different formats. With Smarsh, you can search across all archived content and package relevant results into a case. Cases can be exported at the click of a button, eliminating manual or fragmented cycles. Content can be encrypted and exported in multiple universal format options, making it ready for ingestion into other case management or e-discovery tools.

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