Supervision solutions for staying ahead of risk

Smarsh supervision tools are crucial to proactive risk monitoring and review, and to help maximize your compliance team’s productivity.

Smarsh for Supervision

An effective supervision workflow is key to satisfying regulatory requirements and mitigating risk within your organization. The Supervision App from Smarsh ensures you're covered.

Whether you're seeking an intuitive, simple supervision solution with one-click review functionality, escalation queues and built-in audit trails, or a fully customizable supervision solution with complex policies and rich reporting that has been proven at scale, the Supervision App is your comprehensive, compliant solution.

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Customized setup


Depending on the size of your compliance team, you may have a number of different roles and permissions needed for the supervision review process. It is important to find a solution with customizable configuration options for each person carrying out review.

Our supervision tools enable you to create specific criteria for reviewers, so everyone has access to the relevant information they need and to route specific message to specific reviewers based on the content or type of message.

Real-time visibility

The easier it is for you to check the status of reviewed messages and visualize your risks the better when it comes to taking informed action and for accounting to the regulators.

Visual dashboards give you the ability to easily visualize your data and pull reports across a wide variety of criteria to evaluate review progress for individual reviewers or your whole team.

Full context conversations

Supervision App users can improve review effectiveness by reviewing all archived communications content in full conversational context. This makes zeroing-in on the right messages easier and improves the completeness and efficiency of the review process.

Quick escalation

When carrying out supervision tasks, the ability to escalate messages that require further review to the correct person quickly is important to staying efficient and being fully effective.

With the Supervision App, you can easily escalate potentially risky messages to perform an added level of scrutiny, cutting down on valuable time and resources required to carry out supervision.

Smart Supervision workflows

Ensuring that all pieces of your specific supervision policies are able to be enforced and acted upon requires a tried and tested workflow that is easy to implement and use. Users can quickly and easily mark messages as 'reviewed', or escalate messages, which helps team-based compliance activities as well as individual monitoring.

Granular policies

Each industry's supervision use-cases are different, with different risks to monitor. Organizations need to have the flexibility to create custom policies and change them easily.

Fine-tuning policies dramatically reduces the number of messages requiring review, creating maximum efficiency. Upon ingestion into the archive, messages are automatically indexed and run against your policies, with specific messages being flagged when they get a hit on your identified keywords, phrases and criteria.

Read: Policy Tuning Data Sheet

Open APIs

You can quickly and efficiently deliver supervised content to downstream content surveillance applications through our open APIs and SDK.

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