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To satisfy regulatory requirements and mitigate risk, businesses need to be able to retain, search, supervise and produce specific content at the right time. Investing in the right technology will ensure that your business can do this quickly and easily, maximizing productivity and reducing costs for compliance teams.

The Smarsh Supervision App is a comprehensive compliance solution with simple-to-use functionality. Sophisticated policies are fully customizable to your business’ needs and reporting functions scale to meet the demands of your archive. This ensures that businesses can be confident that they are staying ahead of the risk within their communications data.

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Key supervision & review challenges


Our Solutions

Customized setup


Compliance teams play a number of different roles within an organization and various permissions are needed while carrying out supervision review. Our supervision tools enable you to create specific criteria for each reviewer. Team members are granted access only to the information they need and can route specific messages to reviewers based on the content or type of message.

Data visualization dashboards

Our dashboards give you the ability to visualize your data and pull reports using a wide variety of criteria. This ensures that you can quickly and easily evaluate the progress of reviews. Teams can check the status of reviewed messages while visual dashboards provide a full live picture of where risks lie. Our solutions reduce the time needed when responding to regulators and ensure that your team can make informed decisions more quickly.

Full context conversations

With Smarsh, all content is captured in its native, unaltered format with its original conversational context intact. This helps you to quickly zero-in on the right messages, making the review process more comprehensive and efficient.

Smart supervision workflows

Efficient and effective supervision workflows ensure that your specific supervision policies can be enforced and implemented immediately. Users can quickly and easily mark messages as 'reviewed' or escalate them if needed. This helps compliance teams and individuals to carry out their review activities rapidly and precisely.

Granular policies

Each industry's supervision needs are different, and businesses need to monitor for distinct risks. Organizations require the flexibility to create and adapt their custom supervision policies to meet their specific needs.

Smarsh archiving solutions have customizable and sophisticated supervision policies that can be applied globally or uniquely to each communications channel. Messages are automatically indexed and run against your selected policies. Specific messages are flagged when they get a hit on your identified keywords, phrases and criteria. This dramatically reduces the number of messages requiring review and creates maximum efficiency.

Open APIs

Smarsh ensures maximum flexibility for businesses using downstream content surveillance applications. You can quickly and efficiently deliver supervised content to these third-party applications through our open APIs.

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