A modern approach to electronic records management

U.S. public sector organizations are required by state law to capture and store all of their electronic communications records. This has become more complex and time consuming as modern communications have evolved. Government organizations now need to be able to store, search and produce content from email, collaboration tools, text messages and social media platforms. Failing to do so could lead to fines and legal or reputational risks.

Smarsh offers a truly modern approach to electronic records management. We simplify the capture and search of communications data so that you can rapidly respond to requests through a single, comprehensive solution. This means organizations can meet recordkeeping obligations, manage risk and reduce the time and cost of responding to public records requests.

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Key government challenges

Key challenges around managing electronic communications records, data capture and production:

Capturing all electronic communications


Smarsh enables customers to capture data from over 100 communications channels. This includes the most widely used email, instant messaging/collaboration, social media, mobile, voice and web platforms. Content is captured in its native format and retained with its original conversational context. Once archived, this content is automatically indexed and made searchable.

Unified archive

Smarsh captures and stores all data from 100+ communication channels approved for official business, including new and evolving platforms. Records teams, attorneys and human resources staff no longer have to search multiple servers in several locations or chase down individuals for copies of text messages, emails or social media communications. Whether for public records requests, e-discovery events or internal investigations, a single archive reduces the time and cost burden on in-house resources.

Advanced search and discovery

Government organizations must be able to search and review content across all their electronic communications. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently to manage records requests, investigate violations of agency policies, identify corruption and provide training.

With Smarsh, electronic communications content is captured in its native format and shown in its original context. All conversations are automatically indexed and searchable by person, message type and keyword. Sophisticated discovery policies can then be created so that certain keywords or phrases can be detected, reviewed and escalated when necessary.

Easy, on-demand exports

With lightning-fast, granular searches, you can quickly find the data to respond to records requests. Content can then be packaged and produced on-demand. Our solutions support multiple export formats, enabling you to extract relevant data and package it in multiple formats.

Through partnerships, Smarsh offers an end-to-end records management solution. This features a specialized constituent-facing online portal for accepting, managing and responding to public records requests. It comes with functionality for legal teams to perform redaction prior to publishing the messages that are extracted from the archive.

Flexible deployment

Every organization has its own deployment needs. We have flexible deployment models that can accommodate any organization’s existing and future data storage requirements. These include single-tenant and multi-tenant cloud archive environments.

FOIA Laws - interactive map of Sunshine Laws by state

Do you know your state laws on public records?

View the interactive map to see definitions and outlines of records, meetings and litigation disclosures.

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We partner with all types of public sector organizations

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States, Cities, Counties, Special Districts

State and local government agencies, cities, counties and special districts all need to capture and retain their electronic communications. Producing electronic records accurately and efficiently is crucial when managing public records requests, litigation and discovery events.


Smarsh archiving solutions are purpose-built to ensure that customers can overcome these challenges. We cover the most widely used communications channels across mobile, collaboration tools, social media, voice and email. All conversations are search-ready and archived in proper context, regardless of where, when and how they are generated. This means government organizations spend less time pursuing electronic communications from multiple archives when trying to locate records

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Public Safety & Emergency Services

Smarsh enables public safety and emergency services agencies to reduce risk, ensuring compliance with open records laws and the capture of all electronic communications containing critical information. Agencies can confidently engage with external communities across a wide range of social and mobile channels and capture time-sensitive alerts and updates.

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The Smarsh Connected Suite empowers schools or districts to engage students across a wide range of social media channels. Communications are archived in proper context, regardless of where, when and how they are generated. This means educational institutions can retain all digital conversations for management and administration purposes and rapidly respond to all records requests.

Whatever your role, Smarsh can make your job easier

CTOs, CIOs & IT Staff

CIOs & IT staff

Leverage cutting-edge cloud deployment solutions. Ensure transparency, provide oversight and manage compliance with one centralized platform. Manage all digital records with a purpose-built solution for capturing and retaining all content types, including email and social and text messages. Track public records requests and manage compliance policies across departments.


Records managers

Move away from inefficient, paper-based and manual processes. Access all captured content in one place, retain content in accordance with regulations and respond to public records requests quickly and easily.
Attorneys, Clerks & Legal Staff

Attorneys & legal staff

Leverage sophisticated e-discovery, case management and legal hold capabilities for all archived content. Prepare for and respond to public records requests, litigation and audits without relying on manual processes.

Communications staff

Communicate using the channels you want to with peace of mind, knowing that records of those communications can be accessed in the event of a public records request. Take full advantage of the latest channels for community news, events and interactions, knowing everything is being retained and can be easily produced when needed.

HR staff

Implement policies, search across all archived content and easily review and retrieve messages as part of investigations into employee misconduct or other disputes, all from one centralized platform.

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