Capture and preserve communications for compliance, e-discovery and risk mitigation

Proactively manage digital communications risk

Smarsh helps insurance property/casualty, life, and health insurance organizations embrace innovation. Count on a true partner to help meet compliance and e-discovery requirements and accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Smarsh works for your whole organization

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Records and compliance managers

Have all your content accessible in one place so you can respond to regulatory and legal requests quickly and easily, as well as conduct internal investigations and audits.
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E-discovery and investigative staff

Reduce the time and cost of e-discovery, activate legal holds, and automatically produce content for audits, investigations or litigation.
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CTOs, CIOs & IT staff

Centralize archived communications in a single tamper-proof, WORM-compliant, comprehensive solution for all your content.

Purpose-built retention and oversight solutions

Confidently meet compliance and e-discovery requirements, and mitigate risk

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Regulatory compliance

Securely preserve and store data on tamper-proof media to meet NAIC, FINRA, and ERISA requirements.
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Proactive risk management

Mitigate information risks such as data leaks, IP loss, regulatory violations and employee misconduct.
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Cloud-based archiving

Enable communication on preferred digital channels, with API-driven, cloud-based data warehousing.
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Comprehensive capture

Capture data from 100+ communication channels, including chat, collaboration and web platforms.
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Efficient e-discovery

Reduce litigation costs and risk with efficient preservation, search and export of relevant communications.
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Administration and migration

Whether you’re a one-person firm or have thousands of branches, it’s easy to manage users and migrate data.

Stay compliant, protected and productive



Capture all communications

Capture data from over 100 communication channels, including email, instant messaging/collaboration, social media, mobile, voice and web platforms. Digital communications content is captured in its native, unaltered format with original conversational context intact. Once archived, content is automatically indexed and made searchable through a single pane of glass to ensure that you can confidently meet regulatory obligations.

Store data, securely

Once captured, all content can be retained seamlessly in the Smarsh archive – our immutable and context-aware data store. Alternatively, content can be sent to any existing archive, application or data lake. Smarsh communications and web archiving solutions provide you with a range of deployment options, as well as customizable retention periods to meet insurance industry regulatory requirements.

Find what you need, fast

Zero in on what you're looking for in your archived data and produce content on-demand. Our solutions support multiple export formats, enabling you to extract relevant data and send it to regulators or outside counsel in the format they require.

Save e-discovery time

Is the preparation for litigation, early-case assessment and investigations a recurrent challenge for your organization? Our streamlined e-discovery solutions make collecting, preserving, reviewing and exporting content across all communications channels fast and efficient. This enables you to reduce risk and litigation costs.

Identify risk in your communications

Do you have trouble identifying and responding to cyber and fraud risks? Smarsh archiving solutions give you the tools to highlight potential risks within your communications data. Combined with analytics tools and reporting dashboards, these solutions enable you to not just see risk, but to stay ahead of it.

Upgrade from legacy technology

Smarsh archiving solutions index, store and preserve today’s modern communications sources and web content at scale, leveraging a cloud-native infrastructure to take advantage of today’s public cloud innovations. Empower your digital transformation to cloud-based platforms and leave calcified on-premise systems behind.

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