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Mitigate risk and uncover new opportunities in your data.

For more than two decades, Smarsh has provided its clients with industry-leading technology that allows them to manage the risk and see the value in their communications data. Our capture, archiving, supervision and e-discovery solutions enable our customers to focus on innovation and growth, while seamlessly dealing with communications compliance.









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Communication is evolving.
Can your technology keep up?

The way we communicate has moved past e-mail. We now have tools that let us collaborate across fast-paced, dynamic and global teams. But capturing this data requires technology that can respect and preserve what makes each channel unique.


Smarsh captures more than 80 communication channels. This allows you to adopt productivity enhancing tools by managing the associated compliance risks.

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Collaborating means more data.
Unlock the value. Manage the risk.

The volume, variety and velocity of communications data that businesses need to archive is growing exponentially. But companies use archiving technology that was not built to handle the proliferation. This can introduce risk and add cost.


The Smarsh Connected Archive allows our customers to harness their captured data, regardless of the scale. We can help you turn your communications data into a value driver for your business.

When it matters most, have the right information at your fingertips.

When facing litigation, early-case assessment or investigation, businesses need to be able to search their e-communications data and produce reports in real time.


The Smarsh Discovery application makes searching, classifying, governing and packaging archived communications data a seamless process. This means organizations can quickly identify what they need to know to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies to manage risk.

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Compliance is increasingly complex.
We help you stay on top of it.

Organizations are faced with increasingly challenging regulatory and data privacy requirements. They need technology solutions they can trust to manage this complex and shifting landscape.


Smarsh provides peace of mind throughout the e-communications compliance process. Our solutions efficiently and effectively identify all relevant content. Both customers and regulators can be confident that we will navigate the way through e-discovery requests and examinations, every step of the way.

Identify risk in your communications.
Focus time where it matters most.

Evolving global requirements mean that many businesses must closely supervise their employee communications. Manually examining this data can take up valuable time and resource.


With Smarsh Supervision you can rapidly identify risk in your communications data. We enable you to implement sophisticated policies tailored to your organization’s unique requirements, meaning less time wasted looking at false-positive results. Teams can instantly cover more content and grasp the full context of communications across multiple channels.

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6,500+ Success Stories and Counting

Including 9 of the top 10 banks and some of the largest government entities.


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