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Businesses have seen incredible innovation in the communications technology they use on a daily basis. But this innovation has also led to exponential growth in the volume, variety and velocity of communications data that they need to manage. For organizations across all industries, this adds massive complexity to meeting records retention and oversight obligations.

For over 20 years, Smarsh has been a key partner in helping organizations to overcome these challenges. We enable our customers to manage their communications data for fast and effective e-discovery, internal investigations, risk management and overall information governance. We have helped over 6,500 customers embrace innovation, including those from the manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, real estate, healthcare, construction, and retail and distribution industries.

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Compliance challenges facing all industries


Our Solutions

Comprehensive capture


Smarsh enables you to capture data from over 100 communication channels. This includes the most widely used email, instant messaging/collaboration, social media, mobile, voice and web platforms.

Content is captured in its native, unaltered format together with its original conversational context. Once archived, content is automatically indexed and made searchable. This ensures that organizations of all kinds are able to meet all of their information governance needs, from litigation preparation to internal investigations.

Secure storage & retention

Once captured, all content can be retained seamlessly in the integrated Smarsh Enterprise Archive – our immutable and context-aware data store.

Alternatively, content can be sent to any existing archive, application or data lake.

The Enterprise Archive provides you with a range of deployment options as well as customizable retention periods to meet your specific business needs.

Advanced search & export

Organizations today need to find and produce communications data for a variety of time-sensitive situations. This includes everything from e-discovery and early-case assessment, to human resources investigations and audits. To minimize risk, this process needs to be swift, easy and thorough.

Smarsh archiving solutions have advanced search capabilities that allow you to zero in on what you're looking for in your archived data. Content can then be packaged and produced on-demand. Our solutions support multiple export formats, enabling you to extract relevant data and send it to third parties in the format they require.

Streamlined discovery

Preparing for litigation, early-case assessment and investigations is a recurrent challenge for organizations of all sizes. Our streamlined e-discovery solution makes collecting, preserving, reviewing and exporting content across all communications channels fast and efficient. This enables you to reduce risk as well as litigation costs.

With Smarsh, you can mitigate your company’s risk exposure by ensuring you capture all critical employee communications in a secure archive. You can leverage key features, including the ability to search by custodian or legal hold, and multiple export options to reduce the time and cost of your e-discovery process.

Comprehensive communications data governance

Reviewing all relevant communications data is a fundamental part of thorough and effective internal investigations. This has become increasingly complex as organizations have adopted a wide range of communication channels. Whether it’s to investigate compliance or conduct violations, organizations benefit from the full context of all relevant conversations across all platforms.

With capture and archive support for more than 100 communication channels, Smarsh enables your organization to preserve its most important communications in one place. Content is captured in full context with metadata and attachments, and clear message threads for ease of review. This means that internal investigations are carried out faster and more comprehensively.

Policies and risk management

A key challenge facing businesses today is identifying potential risk across all business-related electronic communications. Examples may include ethics and compliance violations, behavioral risks or the leakage of sensitive information. It is important to be proactive, spot trends in your data and have a fast, effective way to review areas of potential risk. Without the right tools in place, manual reviews of messages across multiple channels waste considerable time and resources.

Smarsh archiving solutions give you the tools to highlight potential risks hidden within your archived data. Customizable and sophisticated policies help you to zero in on the areas that are most relevant to your business. Combined with analytics tools, dashboards and reporting capabilities, these solutions enable you to not just see risk, but to stay ahead of it.

Valuable solutions for organizations across all industries

Our core aim is to enable businesses to embrace innovation and manage risk within their electronic communications. We have extensive experience in partnering with a wide range of industries to help them overcome their most pressing compliance challenges.

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