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The volume, variety and velocity of communications data managed by IT teams is growing exponentially. But the legacy systems used by many organizations are no longer able to keep pace with this unprecedented scale and complexity. It is difficult for IT teams to properly service their internal stakeholders and maintain compliance with regulatory and internal policy requirements given today’s proliferation of data.

The Smarsh Connected Suite is specifically designed to help your business meet its evolving needs. Our cutting-edge communications capture, archiving, supervision and e-discovery solutions enable you and your team to meet the requirements of multiple stakeholders effectively and efficiently. Rather than having to manage multiple siloed archives for different data, Smarsh customers have all of their archived electronic communications centralized in one place with universal search, policies and data production capabilities. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are a trusted partner for IT professionals looking to embrace new, proven, best-in-class technologies and seamlessly manage communications compliance.

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Unleashing Intelligence in Your Employee Communications

The surge in electronic communications due to the suddenly remote workforce has provided an opportunity to design solutions to gain actionable intelligence from employee communications. Today’s strategic decisions on platform architecture, infrastructure and analytics will impact your efforts to manage compliance, legal and IP risk. Join Smarsh Chief Product Officer, Greg W. Vesper in this webinar for a detailed discussion of how you can make the technology and workflow decisions to maximize business value and minimize risk.

Key challenges facing IT professionals


Our Solutions

Flexible deployment and retention


Smarsh offers a range of deployment options that can fit your existing technology ecosystem. This includes our Capture solutions and the integrated Smarsh Enterprise Archive – our immutable and context-aware data store.

Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premise, our products are built with top-tier security, management, and access & operational controls, with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Smarsh also enables users to customize retention periods in their archives to enforce organizational data retention schedules.

Dynamic capture

Smarsh supports the largest capture coverage in the industry, enabling you to ingest data from over 100 communication channels. This includes the most widely used email, instant messaging/collaboration, social media, mobile, voice and web platforms. We are constantly adding support for the latest and most popular channels. Content is captured in its native, unaltered format with its original conversational context intact. Beyond the 100+ channels that we support out of the box, customers can also capture and manage custom networks and channels using our APIs and SDKs.

This means our customers are able to capture new communication channels as they emerge, enabling continuous innovation.

Scalable technology

Smarsh provides archiving solutions for businesses of all sizes, using fully managed software services. Our technology is built for scale. For our large customers, as data volumes grow, resources can be added with no impact on performance. This means that internal teams benefit from increased productivity and efficiency. We offer expert guidance through implementation, as well as technical support when you need it most.

Discovery & Supervision apps

Multiple stakeholders in any business need to be able to quickly and comprehensively access and produce their communications data. For the IT teams facilitating these evolving demands, legacy archives are slow and unable to handle the complexity of multiple content types with unique metadata. This takes hours, when data is needed in minutes. Our Discovery and Supervision Apps are purpose-built to simplify compliance and litigation processes, ensuring that compliance and legal teams can easily access the data that they need when they need it.

Cloud-native and multi-cloud deployability

Our cloud-native Enterprise Archive runs simultaneously in multiple data centers, distributed across three availability zones with fully elastic capacity, creating high availability and load balancing. This triple-active deployment eliminates the need for a traditional disaster recovery site, effectively reducing recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) to zero.

Our customers can deploy their services worldwide in the data centers of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure and have the flexibility to choose the deployment scenarios that their business.

With Smarsh, your data is protected by a security program that uses industry-leading best practices. Our data centers, including those of Microsoft Azure, AWS and AWS GovCloud, are equipped with industry-leading security controls. Data is encrypted at the points of ingestion, in motion and at rest in immutable, WORM-compliant storage.

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