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Built for control, extensibility and scale

The Connected Archive is designed for today’s communications. Unlike legacy email archives, it preserves full conversational context across all communication channels. Designed for clients of all sizes and complexity, from a one-person shop to the world’s largest banks and government entities, the Connected Archive scales with your organization across ingestion, search, review and export.

How It Works?


Designed for today’s modern communications and work styles


Enabling real-time interactivity, knowledge and insight into your organization’s data


Integrated seamlessly with Connected Capture, Connected Apps, and your technology ecosystem

Upon ingestion into the Connected Archive, your conversational data and context are automatically indexed and ready to be leveraged.

All content is stored in a search-ready state, policies can be applied to tag content immediately as it is ingested, and Supervision and Discovery Apps enable you to make the most of your archived data.

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The platform has a fully managed infrastructure, while giving you full access to archived data and its value.

Clients of all sizes and complexity can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud, without compromising on data security, management or operational controls.


Choose the edition that meets your needs

Each of the Connected Archive's three editions is tailored to serve distinct client needs.

Professional Cloud

Built for organizations who need comprehensive communications compliance. A single, secure, search-ready repository with simple usability and intuitive workflows.

Enterprise Cloud

Built for large, enterprise organizations with complex security, data privacy & regulatory requirements, who need greater customization and control.

Private Cloud

Built for organizations with the most demanding security & data privacy requirements, who seek single-tenant deployment and dedicated resources.

Federal Cloud

COMING SOON! The text message retention solution designed specifically for Federal Agencies. FedRAMP in process.

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