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Smarsh for Archiving

Organizations across a wide range of industries are required to securely capture and archive employee communications to satisfy compliance regulations.

Smarsh offers leading, comprehensive solutions supporting over 80 communication channels across email, social, IM & collaboration, mobile, voice and web with the necessary controls to ensure security, compliance, and e-discovery needs are met with ease. Smarsh capture and archiving solutions operate using top-tier security and are available with flexible deployment models.


Key archiving challenges


Our Solutions

Comprehensive capture


Regulatory requirements for compliance and risk mitigation apply equally to all forms of electronic business communications. Smarsh supports direct source capture with connectors to over 80 different communication channels and we are always adding support for new channls. Content is captured in its native format, with message threading to show messages in their original context.

Immutable format data storage

How you store archived data and how long you retain it matters. Retention of all data is in compliant format, which satisfies the broadest range of regulatory requirements. Data can either be sent to an existing archive or retained in the Smarsh integrated archive, with customizable retention periods to meet your needs.

Flexible deployment

Every organization has its own deployment needs. We have flexible deployment models, including on-premise capture, cloud capture, multi-tenant and single-tenant archive environments to meet your individual business requirements.

Data security and privacy by design

Business data, especially communications data, requires enterprise grade security. Smarsh solutions are delivered with top-tier security, management and operational controls. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest, with stringent access controls. Archived data is stored in compliant format to meet FINRA, SEC, MiFID II and other industry-specific regulations.

Advanced Discovery and Supervision workflows

Avoiding the deployment of separate systems is critical to reduce complexity and inefficiency. Once your data is archived, you need to be able to do something with it; carry out supervisory review, prepare for e-discovery events, set up reports and/or assess your risk. Our advanced Discovery and Supervision App workflows integrate seamlessly with your data in the Connected Archive.

Multiple export formats

Retrieving specific data and packaging it in the right format for the receiving party is critical. You can quickly and easily export data out of the archive in a variety of formats to meet the specific requirements of end users.

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