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Modern channels of communication have given marketers unprecedented access to their customers. Whether it’s connecting with younger audiences, raising visibility, or promoting your company’s values, there have never been so many creative ways to get your message out there. But for marketing managers working in heavily regulated or litigious industries, these new channels can increase exposure to legal and compliance risks.

Smarsh enables marketing teams to harness these innovative ways of communicating with their customers. Our solutions capture and archive mobile and social media content to help your organization stay compliant with regulations and recordkeeping initiatives. The Smarsh Enterprise Archive gives marketing teams valuable insights by allowing them to search and review all electronic communications to spot trends and identify both opportunities and potential issues.

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Key challenges facing marketing professionals


Our Solutions

Comprehensive capture


Smarsh supports the largest capture coverage in the industry, enabling you to ingest data from over 100 communication channels. This includes the most widely used social media, mobile, instant messaging/collaboration, voice, email, and web platforms. Content is captured in its native, unaltered format with its original conversational context intact. Once archived, content is automatically indexed and made easily searchable.

This ensures that your marketing team can communicate with customers in the latest and most productive ways, without increasing compliance risk for your organization.

Enterprise Archive

The Smarsh Enterprise Archive enables organizations to manage all communications data in one unified place. Marketing teams are then able to search and review this data, analyzing it to spot trends and patterns in their interactions with customers. Valuable insights can be taken from this data and delivered to your whole business.

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