Compliance archiving and supervision

Industry-leading productivity for business-critical information archiving, discovery, compliance and audit tasks — all delivered as a managed service.

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Structure, archive and surveil business communications

Get contextual search at scale with analytics to respond to e-discovery, data governance and compliance requests with Digital Safe, now part of Smarsh.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-channel Compliance

  • Rich insight
  • Precise search in context
  • Workflow automation
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Managed service

Capture, preserve, and search communications data from all of your organization's communications channels

Digital Safe is built for archiving, e-discovery, contextual search, data surveillance, and legal case management of business communications. Digital Safe Archive and Digital Safe Supervisor enable high-performance queries across the diversity of business-critical data in use today. This search is contextual-based, scalable, and fast, delivering unprecedented flexibility, integrity, accuracy, and performance.

Leverage built-in data visualization

Analytical reporting with built-in data visualizations helps compliance and legal teams meet audit needs, make business decisions, and illuminate risk and compliance issues more easily and quickly. A central capability of the platform, Reporting and Insights offers interactive reports to enable easy data access and drill-down sorting and filtering to deliver actionable insights, including supervisory findings, cross-channel statistics, and trending and pattern-revealing graphs across the range of social collaboration and email channels used for business operations today.

Drive new efficiency with precise search in context

Context-based search built on a self-healing indexing engine in Digital Safe can scale as business needs grow to deliver unmatched compliance archiving. Digital Safe gives compliance and legal professionals the power to iteratively compose and test complex searches, saving time and money when responding to regulatory and legal data collection requests.

Streamline operations with workflow automation

Digital Safe delivers intuitive UX with rich, interactive workflows, granular entitlements, and APIs to save time during reviews and compliance archiving. A dedicated team of UI/UX engineers has taken a fresh approach to workflow efficiency and configuration flexibility for improved usability based on direct observation of our customers’ use and interactions with the platform.

Capture analytical insights at a glance

Business communications data today is complex and diverse. Digital Safe structures and enriches business communications and attachments for efficient, single-query e-discovery, data governance and regulatory compliance. A central capability of the platform, Reporting and Insights streamlines the ability to perform deep analysis on your communication and collaboration data. Apply data filters, sort, and select formatting options — such as fonts and alignment — to clarify and highlight areas of focus or scrutiny.

Delegate compliance overhead

Delivered as a managed cloud offering, Digital Safe actively monitors and optimizes the environment around the clock. Let our experts help address ongoing capture and ingestion of data — from individual feeds to the full range of electronic communication data channels and associated metadata — that must adhere to strict data security processes, verification, and chain of custody.

Looking for high performance, intuitive operation, automation, and comprehensive coverage?

Digital Safe serves the compliance and legal needs of the world's largest, most demanding organizations. Start a conversation with our Smarsh experts today.

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