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An extensible, context-aware cloud archive for global organizations

Built to scale without compromise as your data volume grows

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Empower your teams with an archive built for unmatched performance at scale

Smarsh Enterprise Archive positions your business for the future using modern, web-scale technologies to ingest, search and export content orders of magnitude faster than legacy archives. Your content is retained in full conversational context, helping you reduce costs and increase productivity. Built to scale as your data volume grows with no impact to platform performance, Enterprise Archive is the modern choice for your archive needs.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud native & secure
  • Scalable
  • Context aware
  • Intelligent Indexing
  • Extensible
  • Cost savings
  • Insights

Trust your content to a secure, cloud-native archive

Enterprise Archive is a reliable and proven, SEC 17a-4 validated immutable content store, designed for reliability and security. Your data is encrypted, monitored, and protected in transit and at rest, and is stored with triple-active redundancy in cloud. Our accredited information security program includes periodic risk assessment, threat modeling and governance, together with regular application security testing and third-party reviews. You can enforce stringent role-based access controls, including multi-factor authentication, through single sign-on.

Capture, retain and dispose of your data at scale

Architected for the cloud, Enterprise Archive provides petabyte-scale elastic compute resources to meet your enterprise demands for storage, access, and data export. Deployable on the leading public-cloud infrastructures (including AWS and Microsoft Azure), resource-intensive activities – imports, exports, searching and more – scale elastically to provide optimal responsiveness. The result is unmatched performance, proven sub-second searches across millions of records and up to 6.5 TB of data exportable per day on a standard deployment, regardless of the volume of ingested data.

Retain and review your data at full fidelity and context

Your data is archived in its native format, making downstream e-discovery, supervision, and surveillance faster, more efficient, and ultimately less costly. Unlike email-centric archives, the Enterprise Archive is designed for modern communications, giving your teams the benefit of full transcripts of conversational events including joins, leaves, edits, deletes, comments, replies, attachments and more.

Intelligently index and retain your data

Not all communication is created equal. Email from the CEO shouldn't be treated the same as your weekly newsletter. Enterprise Archive now includes options to intelligently index and store your content in ways that support your data management, retention and cost requirements. Reduce your annual archive costs while maintaining optimal data accessibility with Enterprise Archive.

Connect to your ecosystem with dynamic data services & APIs

Enterprise Archive has an open, API-based architecture that enables you to connect to other data source and services, revealing valuable new business intelligence from your archived communications data. Connect to the archive with a broad array of ingestion, enrichment, and export APIs. Derive true intelligence from your data.

Achieve cost savings over on-premise solutions

On-premise solutions are resource and cost-intensive. Take advantage of the public cloud investment and infrastructure of a SaaS application designed to shift and reduce your hardware and oversight spend. Calculate how much you can save by moving your legacy on-premise archive to the cloud with our Total Cost of Ownership calculator.

Calculate how much you will save by moving
your legacy on-premise archive to the cloud
Number of archived users:
Total historical data (GB):
Average new storage added per year per user (GB):
Comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) between Smarsh and legacy on-premise archives requires knowing many variables—software and hardware maintenance, data storage, professional services and IT costs, as well as HA / DR expenses. This tool uses independent industry benchmark data to evaluate the total cost comparison.
3-year cost savings of moving your on-premise archive to the Smarsh Enterprise Archive
Cost Saving
Legacy Archive
Enterprise Archive
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Derive new insights from advanced reporting and analytics

Reports can be run on-demand or at scheduled intervals to derive message analytics from your archived data. A full audit trail is kept of every action taken within the platform, and customizable dashboards provide administrators with up-to-the minute status updates for full oversight of archiving activity. We also provide end-to-end data reconciliation between source input and archived data to give you peace of mind.

Ready to step up to Enterprise Archive?

Empower your team with an extensible, context-aware cloud archive designed to scale as your data volume grows. Start a conversation with our Smarsh experts today.

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