Your website history, secured and ready

Satisfy regulatory requirements and legal requests on demand

Website capture & archiving that won’t slow you down

Instantly capture website revisions and activity without losing context or functionality. Web pages are securely archived in original format and easily accessible for e-discovery, regulatory requirements and ad hoc searches. Your website evolves. Can you back it up?

Web archiving for today’s business pace

Maintain a detailed, comprehensive history of changes to your website

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Automatic capture

Archive a web page or full site, and third-party links. Customize the frequency and number of archived pages.
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Web page timestamping

Archived pages are time-stamped and stored unaltered. A full audit trail tracks every action taken in the archive.
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Export and download options

Download to a PC, encrypt and save to a media device, or import to a legal review platform. PDF, JPG, or text.
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Advanced search

Use fast, granular search alongside supervision workflows for a more effective review experience.
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Side-by-side comparisons

Smarsh web archiving comes with multiple page comparison options across any two selected dates, for simpler review.
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Website reconstruction

Live browsing lets you view and interact with dynamically reconstructed websites from any point in time.

Capture it all

Supported platforms:

Manage regulatory compliance with ease

Find web content, fast

Lightning-fast search capabilities help you find specific content across your archived web pages. Navigate through your archives as if you went back in time and visited the live site. Interactive elements remain functional, and links between pages are preserved, pointing to the destination web page or document as it existed.

Easily onboard new users

Web Archive onboarding is simple. As a cloud-hosted solution, there is no software or hardware to install. Configuration support is provided throughout, by the implementation team, for ultimate efficiency. The user interface is intuitive and workflow-driven so your employees can start realizing value immediately.

Illuminate risk with supervision

Leverage supervision policies and reporting tools to illuminate business risk and drive proactive decision making at your organization.

Save e-discovery time

Save time by collecting, preserving and searching for web pages in the Web Archive. Leverage tools for case management so you can be prepared for audits, investigations, litigation and records requests.

Be aware of web changes

Email updates automatically summarize changes on any web page being archived, including those linked to from third-party sites. This way, you stay updated about changes as they occur.

Export content with ease

Easily access and export your archived web pages at any time. Smarsh offers multiple export options so you can deliver content directly to end users in their required format.

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