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Future-proof your communications data strategy

Capture, retain, analyze, and act on the signals in your communications data

Maximize the value of your communications data

The Smarsh Enterprise Platform is a unified, cloud-native solution designed to future-proof enterprise communications data strategies. Gain new insights using best-in-class technologies, including elastic compute, natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Solutions for all your data needs

Solutions in the Enterprise Platform span the entire lifecycle of your data, from capture and retention through eventual disposal, and are deployable individually or as a group to provide additional value.

Smarsh capture solutions support 100+ channels that are retained in the channel’s native format and context. Your email, social, mobile, IM & collaboration, and voice channels are captured with solutions deployed to meet your unique needs on-premise or in the cloud. Smarsh natively captures and manages the widest variety of communications and includes APIs for the ingestion and enrichment of content.

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Enterprise Archive is the compliant storage solution that covers the most stringent communications retention and immutability regulations, including FINRA, IIROC, FCA, MiFID II, and GDPR.

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At the core of the Enterprise Platform is the Enterprise Warehouse. With petabyte scale and elastic compute, the warehouse provides a centralized location to retain, analyze and enrich your communications data.

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Take your supervision and surveillance initiatives to the next level with Enterprise Conduct. Utilizing battle-tested technology, Conduct empowers your team to work more efficiently by reducing the noise in your workflows by up to 95%. Reveal intent within your organization's communications at scale, uncover the truth faster, and augment the expertise in your risk mitigation teams with Enterprise Conduct.

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Built for demanding legal workflows, Enterprise Discovery is built to collect, preserve, review, and export your electronic communications data at speed. Save time and money in your e-discovery and investigations by placing legal holds quickly, reviewing all communications in native format and reducing the need to over-collect prior to export for outside counsel and third-party review tools.

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Are you ready to future-proof your data strategy?

Capture, retain, analyze, reveal, and act on your communications data with the Smarsh Enterprise Platform.