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Seamlessly capture, transcribe and archive your voice communications content

Say hello to the latest voice channels

As the workplace grows more distributed, voice calls have taken center stage. Our end-to-end voice compliance solution securely preserves voice content from virtually any recording system. Critical to achieving comprehensive risk management, voice archiving from Smarsh enables more efficient review, cost savings, and proactive risk mitigation.

The next level of voice archiving

Secure and reliable voice retention, for preserving important conversations

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Single solution for 100+ channels

Smarsh archives email, IM & collaboration, social media, mobile text, and voice content, all in one place.
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Voice-to-text transcription

Voice content from multiple sources can be transcribed before archiving. Metadata can then be accessed and exported.
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Advanced search

Powerful search across the archive allows you to surface voice files and transcripts, along with valuable metadata.
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Supervision & e-discovery

Supervision and e-discovery capabilities help you meet legal obligations and spot trends across all your communications.
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Seamless integrations

Capture and archive content from your existing voice recorder with no disruption to end users.
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Support for your archive

Voice content can be stored in our integrated, compliant archive or sent to an existing, third-party archive.

Capture it all

Supported platforms:

Efficient review and proactive risk mitigation

Meet regulatory requirements

Capture, archive, supervise and discover all communications across 100+ channels. Meet MiFID II and other regulatory requirements and help resolve internal disputes.

Save time & reduce manual processes

Relieve the burden on your internal teams with voice-to-text transcription. Retire manual “sit and listen” routines in favor of accessible, searchable voice content for supervision and e-discovery.

Support communication trends

Adapt to support the latest communication and collaboration channels while ensuring complete compliance with regulatory requirements.

Reduce time, cost & complexity

Consolidate the retention of data and streamline compliance workflows by using one archive instead of several solutions for email, IM & collaboration, social, mobile text and voice content.

Illuminate risk

Tag, search, track and review full context conversations across all channels to easily identify risk. Leverage Smarsh APIs to extract additional business insights from your communications data.

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