Smarsh is First to Achieve Microsoft Teams Certification for Enterprise Information Archiving
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Completely capture every employee’s communications and empower collaboration

Adoption of Microsoft Teams is rapidly expanding. Providing instant access to everything needed to communicate efficiently in Office 365, Teams dramatically increases the productivity of your organization. For regulated firms, however, use of such rich communication platforms opens the door to risk— of breach, data loss and noncompliance with regulatory mandates.

Mitigate that risk with Smarsh. Capture IM, collaboration and voice archiving to deliver confidence to your compliance, legal and IT teams so your employees can communicate using the most productive tools without restriction.

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Smarsh is one of the first Enterprise Archive Infrastructure (EIA) solution providers to deliver compliance solutions based on Microsoft API and able to scale for very large enterprises. Empower your teams to confidently communicate instantly while meeting regulatory compliance obligations. Smarsh capture and archiving solutions for Microsoft Teams enable:

  • Compliant collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly while meeting strict SEC, FINRA, MiFID II, FCA and other records retention compliance requirements. Direct integration supports capture of one-to-one, group and channel communications, along with files that are shared as part of a conversation. This allows your end users to compliantly access content, tools, people, and conversations directly in the Teams workspace, including built-in access to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Skype for Business.
  • Native voice capture and transcription: Audio content from Teams meetings can also be captured using Smarsh, with the ability to search voice transcriptions alongside text-based content. Best-of-breed transcription services support over 120 languages and regional dialects.
  • Cloud-to-cloud Capture and on-premise Capture solutions: Enable your organization and modernize your ability to capture multiple communications and collaboration channels quickly to achieve compliance and reduce overall TCO.
  • Protection for Teams content: API-based capture of all Teams conversations (one-to-one, one-to-many, and channel) catalogues your content in context, providing more powerful / robust threat and opportunity analysis. Teams content can be automatically ingested, indexed and retained in the Smarsh archive in a “search-ready” state, and is accessible at any time. All content can be inspected to minimize potential data loss, mitigate compliance issues and quickly alert reviewers to policy violations.
  • Reduction of archiving, e-discovery and supervisory complexity: All content is captured in its native format with message threading for context, for a complete view into employee interactions. Content can then be retained in your Smarsh archive, Digital Safe archive, or sent to any other archive, archive app, or data lake of your choice for easy and efficient e-discovery. An included audit trail tracks all review sessions and actions taken on specific messages. Purpose-built escalation workflows route Teams messages to supervisors for further review. These full supervision capabilities help regulated firms meet compliance requirements with ease.
  • End-to-end security: Whether data is in transit or at rest.

Key Features

API driven Capture

Direct source capture

Smarsh captures Microsoft Teams content directly from the source through an API integration. Content is retained in its native format with chain of custody preserved.
Manage voice across multiple sources

Voice capture and transcription

Voice content is also supported for Microsoft Teams, with the option to transcribe the voice content and capture and retain it with Smarsh.

Message threading and attachments

All messages are captured together with links, files, images, videos and other attachments. Message threading displays conversations as they originally happened for ease of review.
Capturing communications in full and in context

Context preservation

Smarsh captures all content in full conversational context including GIFs, emojis and user activity for the best visibility into what happened and when.

Content monitoring

Lexicons can be defined to flag text and file content for review. Alerts can then be generated based upon keyword or phrase matches with certain deployments.

Powerful search

All messages are automatically indexed for speedy retrieval. Users can search for Teams content based on user, date range, keywords, or content tagged to specific cases, events or topics.
Identity Integrations

Profile & identity management

Smarsh supports automated directory synchronization for unified identity and profile management.

Smarsh or external archive support

Retain Teams communications in your Smarsh archive – an immutable and context-aware data store – or any other archive, application or data lake. Applications are available for optimized supervision and e-discovery.

*Specific features may vary between the on-prem and cloud versions of Capture.