Compliance confidence for financial services communications

Instant Bloomberg has long been used by financial services professionals and is an essential communication tool. Instant Bloomberg integrates directly with Smarsh capture and archiving solutions to help your organization meet its recordkeeping, supervision and e-discovery obligations. Your team can review large quantities of email and identify risk faster, more easily and more effectively. Smarsh capture and archiving solutions for Instant Bloomberg enable organizations to:

  • Communicate compliantly: Smarsh provides native compliance and governance for all Instant Bloomberg content. Employees can collaborate seamlessly while meeting strict SEC, FINRA, FCA, MiFID II and other records retention compliance requirements. Direct integration supports capture of one-to-one, group and channel communications, along with files that are shared as part of a conversation.
  • Monitor and protect your business: Smarsh retains all data in full context and enables point-in-time snapshots of entire threaded conversations. This makes review significantly faster and more effective, lowering the total cost of compliance-related workloads.
  • Automate archiving and reduce review complexity: Capture Instant Bloomberg App message content regardless of the user’s device, location or network for your compliance and e-discovery needs. All content is automatically ingested, indexed, and retained in the Smarsh archive to meet strict SEC, FINRA and other compliance requirements. Content, metadata and activities can then be retained in the Enterprise Archive – or any archive, app, or data lake of your choice for easy and efficient supervision and e-discovery.
  • End-to-end security: Whether data is in transit or at rest.

Key Features

API driven Capture

Direct source capture

Smarsh captures content directly from the Instant Bloomberg via SFTP connections. Content is captured in its native format and chain of custody is preserved.

Message threading and attachments

All messages are captured together with files, images, and other attachments. Message threading displays conversations as they originally happened for ease of review.
Capturing communications in full and in context

Contextual capture

Smarsh captures all content in full conversational context for the best visibility into what happened and when. Attachments can be viewed or downloaded in context in their original form.

Content monitoring

Policies based on lexicons and patterns can be defined to flag text and file content for review. With certain deployments, alerts can then be generated based upon keyword or phrase matches and send to reviewers and/or the violator’s manager.

Powerful search

All messages are automatically indexed for speedy retrieval. Users can search for Instant Bloomberg content based on user, date range, keywords, or content tagged to specific cases, events or topics.
Identity Integrations

Profile & identity management

Smarsh supports automated directory synchronization for unified identity and profile management.

Smarsh or external archive support

Instant Bloomberg content can be sent seamlessly to the Smarsh Enterprise Archive - an immutable and context-aware data store - or any 3rd party archive, app, or data lake of your choice. Smarsh Enterprise Conduct and Smarsh Enterprise Discovery solutions are available for optimized supervision and e-discovery, respectively.

Advanced capabilities

Advanced capabilities including policy alerts and remediation/redaction are available with certain deployments.