Content capture solutions
for the modern workforce

Across email, social, mobile, IM, collaboration and voice channels, directly from the source. Available on-premises or in the cloud.

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Rich, defensible capture capabilities

Connected Capture supports 80+ communication channels. Once captured, communications can be sent to the seamlessly integrated Connected Archive for compliant storage, or to an existing archive. All communications are captured continuously, in their native form, direct from the source channel, with full conversational context preserved. Advanced capabilities including message blocking and ethical walls can be added for certain channels.

How it works


We capture everything,

across 80+ channels, direct from the source

With original formatting and full conversational context.

Unlike traditional email-centric capture methods that flatten content to email format, with Connected Capture, all data, context and metadata are preserved.


Choose to capture your data in the cloud or on-prem, with unified user identities across all channels.

All of your employees' identities are stored across email addresses, social media identities, and more.


Our extensible architecture and open APIs enable the capture of new communication channels as they emerge.

We work closely with content providers, making it easy for you to add support for new channels and to manage changes in existing channels.


Captured content can be sent to the Connected Archive

or any other archive.

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Connected Archive TM

The market-leading cloud archive.

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