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Capture and manage content from the latest channels, right from the source, with full context preserved

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Enable communication on the latest channels

Today’s workers are adopting new communications tools every day. Smarsh is the only capture and archiving provider that supports 80+ channels out of the box, including the most popular email, mobile, social, IM & collaboration, video and voice tools used today. And we help you keep all the important contextual details so you can speed up and improve your supervision and e-discovery reviews.  

Capture everything

across 80+ channels, direct from the source

Preserve native formatting and full context

Unlike traditional, email-centric capture methods that flatten content to email format, Smarsh ensures your data is easy to analyze, review and understand. Communications are captured as threaded conversations with metadata such as joins, leaves, edits, deletes, comments, replies, attachments and more. Communications data can then be sent seamlessly to the Connected Archive – our secure, context-aware data store – or to any existing archive, application or data lake.


Capture your data in the cloud or on-premise

We have flexible deployment options to meet the needs of your business. Whatever you choose, your employees' identities are unified across different content sources, from email to IM & collaboration channels to social media. As workers continue to adopt new communications channels, unified identities across sources will become increasingly important.


Activate policies to monitor and protect your content

Users can easily define lexicon policies to flag incoming text and file content, which can be targeted to specific groups. They can also protect sensitive information with near-real-time alerts on suspicious activity. For channels such as Skype for Business, Webex Teams, Jabber, IBM Sametime, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, we offer additional advanced management capabilities. These include ethical walls, blocking, redaction, remediation, disclaimers, federation controls and pre-review.

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Use open APIs to capture custom content

Beyond the 80+ channels that we support out of the box, using our APIs and SDK you can capture and manage custom networks and channels. This ensures there are never gaps in your information governance solution. Smarsh has purpose-built supervision and e-discovery applications to meet the needs of your compliance and legal teams, that seamlessly integrate with our capture solutions. You can build your own applications or use third-party tools to interact directly with your communications data.

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Send captured content to the Connected Archive

or any other archive.

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Connected Archive TM

The market-leading cloud archive.

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