The power of Google together with compliant productivity

G Suite - Gmail has more than a billion active users worldwide. Built for the speed of modern business, G Suite - Gmail provides a simple and efficient way to communicate. However, without the right capture and archiving solution in place to govern its usage, tools like this open the door to risk for regulated organizations. Smarsh enables you to extend your recordkeeping, compliance, and e-discovery initiatives to the email that your organization sends using G Suite - Gmail. Smarsh capture and archiving solutions for G Suite -Gmail enable organizations to:

  • Communicate compliantly: Smarsh ensures seamless and complete capture of all email content that your organization sends through G Suite - Gmail, with built-in journaling through the G Suite control panel. Your teams can harness the power of G Suite - Gmail while Smarsh helps you to meet strict SEC, FINRA, MiFID II and other records retention compliance requirements.
  • Monitor and protect your business: Archived content is preserved in a search-ready state, policy-checked, and available for quick access and review.
  • Automate archiving and reduce review complexity: Gmail email is automatically ingested into the Smarsh Enterprise Archive for accurate, fast, and highly effective search, e-discovery and case management. With no need to manage on-premises software of hardware, Smarsh makes an ideal complement for compliant archiving of your organization’s G Suite - Gmail.
  • End-to-end security: Whether data is in transit or at rest.

Key Features

API driven Capture

Direct source capture

G Suite - Gmail is supported through journaling. Content is captured in its native unaltered format, directly from the source, preserving chain of custody.

Message directionality

Users can search for messages in context and see the direction of each message, including whether it was sent internally or externally, whether a message was outbound or inbound.

Attachments support

Attachments, including images, videos and other files, are supported for direct carrier capture and archived attachments. Content can be viewed or downloaded in proper context and in original form.
Identity Integrations

Identity integrations

Users can manage profiles across all archived communication channels with automated identity management.
Work Archive Access

Personal Archive compatibility

In Professional Archive you can empower employees to access their own historical email with Personal Archive.

IP restrictions and encryption

Smarsh delivers top-tier security, management and operational controls. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and stored in immutable, compliant format.